bath salt addiction

Bath salts are addictive and are notoriously known to cause serious side effects. They are made with synthetic cathinone from the khat plant. The effects of cathinones to the body are similar to that of other stimulants such as amphetamines. What happens after an abuse can be devastating but options on overcoming bath salt addiction in Phoenix, Arizona are available. Success rates are higher if you or a loved one will undergo an early intervention.

Approaching Someone Addicted to Bath Salts

If you know someone who is addicted to bath salts, keep in mind that they must be dealing with a lot of issues. Physical, emotional, and mental stressors often push someone to the edge hence the tendency to use prohibited substances. It is important that you determine these factors in order to provide the best intervention. Make it clear that you are there to support by expressing concern and encouragement to get help. Take note that you must prepare ahead of time if you are planning to approach a bath salt addict. Enlisting the help of a professional is encouraged in order to be aware of the different treatment options.

Knowing Your Options

There are a lot of treatment programs for bath salts addiction. Most treatment facilities offer customized programs in order to have successful outcomes. Bath salt addiction treatment may be done either in an inpatient facility or as an outpatient. Checking-in to a rehab would mean there will be medical professionals who can monitor the patient from the start of treatment until completion. As an outpatient, there is a need to have a reliable support system that is dedicated to closely monitor the treatment progress.

The Three Stages of Bath Salt Addiction Treatment

There are three treatment stages that a bath salt addict must complete in order to be fully liberated from bath salts. The first stage is a medically supervised detox. Serious withdrawal symptoms are expected once bath salt is eliminated from the body. Medical professionals will prescribe the needed medications to reduce the risks involved with withdrawal symptoms.

At the second stage, emotional and psychological therapies are added to the treatment program. These methods are focused on behavioral conditioning and working through existing mental health issues, if there is any. This step will help prepare the individual towards living a sober life.

Finally, the third stage of bath salt addiction treatment is recovery monitoring. The patient may live in sober living homes to help prevent a relapse from happening. Group assistance and support programs should be prioritized at this stage.

Get Help for Bath Salt Addiction Treatment In Phoenix, Arizona Today

Bath salt addiction can lead to potentially harmful conditions if left untreated. The dangerous outcomes will only be avoided if you or a loved one addicted to bath salts will go through the correct treatment process. Be aware that there are medical professionals who can assist in finding the most appropriate treatment. Do not hesitate to call our Phoenix addiction hotline at (480) 401-5895.