Valium Addiction Treatment In Phoenix

Valium is one of several drugs that are categorized as benzodiazepines. There are over three million Americans who medically use this drug and more are abusing it. Some people know it by its generic name, diazepam. The first step in overcoming Valium addiction in Phoenix, Arizona is to know the signs and symptoms of an abuse.

Valium and Its Addictive Nature

Valium is considered to be harmless with a few people seeing it as a way to cope up with a stressful situation or as a way to catch up on sleep. The problem is that many underestimate its dangers. Like with other benzodiazepines, Valium creates tolerance to its effects. It means that a person may need to take a higher dosage of the drug after taking it for a short time. This is to make sure that the same effect will be created. As the dosage increases, the likelihood of developing an addiction also increases. For some people, it would take only several weeks of taking Valium before they start abusing it.

Signs of Valium Abuse

As a person becomes dependent on Valium, it becomes harder to hide the abuse and visible signs of addiction will begin to show. When someone abuses Valium, he or she becomes extremely irritable or sad. There will also be visible changes in appetite. Upon closer inspection, the pupils become dilated and the person may have slurred speech. There is also impaired coordination and shaking if the person is unable to take Valium at the time that he or she wants it.

Valium Abuse Side-Effects

Unfortunately, a lot of those who abuse Valium are unaware of its side-effects. There will be drowsiness, irregular heartbeat, and body weakness. Complaints of a blurred vision, skin rashes, and dizziness are also common. Additionally, abusing Valium for a long time will lead to developing mental disorders like anxiety and depression.

Additional Dangers of Valium Abuse

Because of its psychological effects, Valium abusers are more prone to endangering themselves than those who take Valium on the prescribed doses. For example, the reactions are more delayed so doing normal tasks, like driving, can be hazardous. A loss of sound judgment may also occur wherein a person may decide to mix the drug with alcohol or other drugs. Valium on its own already slows down breathing and mixing it with other downers can slow it down further resulting to death. Lastly, Valium abuse can make a person disinhibited. This will make him or her become aggressive and may also develop a risky behavior. 

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The effects of Valium abuse are very traumatic. People who initially use it as a treatment may find themselves relying on the drug more and more. Once the body develops tolerance, getting hooked to it will be inevitable. If you start to feel or recognize the signs of Valium addiction of your loved ones, do not hesitate to call our Phoenix valium addiction treatment hotline at (480) 401-5895. Early intervention will enable you to find the best course of treatment and be free from Valium addiction for good.