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Meth is an addictive drug that has strong stimulant effects. It is available as a white-colored powder or in pill form. The powder form can be dissolved in water, injected, or snorted. There are different treatment options to tackle meth addiction in Phoenix, Arizona, but before we get into that, let’s look at important facts about this drug.

Warning Signs Of Meth Addiction

It can be difficult to tell if someone is addicted to meth. However, there are many physical warning signs that may provide clues that a person is using methamphetamine. These signs include:

  • Hair Loss: Meth is produced from dangerous chemicals that may cause hair breakage. A meth addict does not care about eating healthy most of the time, and due to lack of nutrients, hair loss may occur.
  • Tooth decay: This condition is referred to as meth mouth. This is a common sign for meth abuse where users have decayed teeth or lose their teeth.
  • Skin crawling: Meth addicts often complain of having a crawling sensation under their skin and you will notice them scratching from time to time. This disorder is known as formication.
  • Skin picking: Meth addicts have marks on their bodies especially on the face that comes from picking at their skin.

Effects Of Meth Abuse

Long term effects of meth abuse include:

  • Weight loss
  • Severe dental problems
  • Mood disturbances
  • Violent or aggressive behavior
  • Memory loss
  • Changes in brain function and structure
  • Repetitive motor activity
  • Psychosis, including hallucinations and paranoia
  • Addiction

The Difference Between Meth Dependence And Meth Addiction

Addiction and dependence are not the same. Meth addiction is when a user is unable to stop using the drug, despite the negative consequences. Meth dependence, on the other hand, refers to a physical state where a meth user’s body is dependent on the drug. Meaning, that the user has to use more meth in order to achieve the same effect as before.

How To Tell If One Is Addicted To Meth

There are several signs that show one is addicted to meth, including:

  • Experiencing symptoms of withdrawal once the person stops using meth
  • Trying and failing to stop using the substance
  • Engaging in risky behaviors such as having unprotected sex while under the influence of the drug
  • Developing risky behaviors to obtain meth, such as violence or stealing
  • Spending a lot of time obtaining meth, using it and recovering from its effects
  • Spending money on the drug, even when money is an issue
  • Always keeping a supply of meth
  • Wanting to use meth on a regular basis

Where To Start If You Want Help

If you or a loved one is ready to get treatment for meth addiction, it is important to include a supportive family member or friend to help start the path to recovery. Start by visiting a treatment center where a professional will assess your overall health and answer any questions you may have. If you have been using meth for a long time, you need to undergo detoxification to allow your body to get rid of the drug. Once the drug is out of your system, your doctor may recommend one of the several treatment options available to help you lead a healthy life.

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Being addicted to meth is a treatable condition. However, in order to achieve full recovery, individuals using meth need to seek treatment as soon as possible. Meth users should not be afraid to reach out for help when they need it. You can start helping yourself or a loved one by reaching us through our Phoenix addiction hotline at (480) 401-5895 today!