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There are many dangers related to alcohol addiction, the most critical of which is death. In fact, a study made by the CDC showed that alcohol poisoning is the fourth highest cause of death rates in the whole of Arizona. This is for the years 2010 to 2012. Seventy-six percent of the total recorded alcohol-related deaths came from alcohol drinkers between the ages 35 and 65 years old. With these alarming facts, it is important to get help for alcohol addiction in Phoenix, Arizona.

More Alcohol Addiction Facts

Alcohol addiction can start at a very young age, typically between the ages of 21 and 25 when the brain has not yet fully developed. This is the reason why teenagers who drink alcohol before the age of 15 tend to become alcoholics later on in life. The chances of addiction become lesser for those who start drinking alcohol regularly at age 21.

The Dangers of Alcohol Addiction

It has been noted that alcohol addiction is just the start of substance dependence. This is the first substance everyone else consumes before they get exposed to the use of other substances. The sad thing is that there are about 5,000 young people who die of underage drinking. At the worst, alcohol dependence kills 6.5 times more youth when compared to dependence on all other illegal drugs, combined.

When to Seek Treatment

Alcohol addiction can come in many forms. Some will tend to drink too much while others tend to drink too often. There are also those who become addicted because they drink alcohol too fast. Anything related to drinking alcohol combined with a struggle to control doing so will lead to addiction. When you spot any of these signs in your teen or anyone else you love, seeking treatment will be vital.

Improving Alcohol Addiction Treatments

Throughout these years, several alcohol addiction treatments have been improved through research. Each treatment is made depending on how severe the addiction is. All underlying causes are considered before recommending treatment. The NIAAA, together with other organizations, conduct researches every now and then to see how effective a treatment is according to the factors involved in the problem.

Does Alcohol Addiction Treatment Work?

Don’t lose hope if you or anyone you love is addicted to alcohol at the moment. No matter how severe the problem may be, you will benefit from the different treatments available. Once you seek treatment, symptoms of alcohol addiction will be eliminated in about a year’s time. In time, you will be able to substantially reduce your dependence on alcohol until you have totally eliminated the urge to drink later on. Just make sure you take the first step. Never be afraid to undergo treatment.

Get Help for Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Phoenix, Arizona

Whether you or a loved one has been diagnosed with alcohol addiction, taking the next big step requires asking professional advice. We will be there to make the entire process a whole lot easier for you. Simply call our Phoenix addiction hotline at (480) 401-5895. Let’s talk about it!